Consumers are demanding more transparency within the food supply chain

Old methods of in-field data capture are ripe for replacement by smart technology

Adoption of technology in agriculture is entering a growth phase

A new generation of ag professionals is embracing new technology

Retailers need enhanced traceability of the food supply chain for safety and security

For ag professionals working outdoors, voice-interaction provides a breakthrough in convenience

Insights gained via new technologies will enable smarter use of water, fertilizer and pesticides


AgVoice is a mobile voice-interaction service designed for food and agriculture professionals to capture insights on the go. Our service combines the learnings from more than 18 months of customer feedback and is live in on-site customer pilots.

By using proprietary analytics and processing of raw voice files including captured time stamps and location data, users can improve productivity and workflow management, increase documentation accuracy, and gain valuable insights to optimize the use of resources in crop and animal production for a sustainability and environmental impact.

AgVoice is designed for use across the food and agriculture ecosystem, including livestock and crop production, agronomy, animal health and wellness, and machinery repair.

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