AgVoice Voice App

AgVoice is a mobile voice-to-data interaction service designed for food and agriculture. 

Recognizes Food & Agriculture-specific terms
Works with no connectivity
Faster than writing or typing
Usable while moving
Leaves hands free for work or safety
Standards-based for data portability
Mobile App support available for Apple iOS, in North America and select international markets.

Our technology platform is domain specific to the specialist jobs in the industry – with a focus on drastically improve the efficiency and accuracy of task completion by those on-the-go specialists and the companies they work for.

Specialists are able to capture more contextually rich data than if they had to type it all in or write it with a pen and paper.


AgVoice Integration Kit

Many food and agriculture companies, and ag data service companies already have their own agriculture Apps, but want to take advantage of the benefits of AgVoice. We offer an integration kit that can be embedded in existing GUI (Graphical User Interface)-based Apps.

If you would like more information about how AgVoice technology can be integrated into your existing mobile App – for smartphone or tablet, please contact AgVoice.